Saturday, January 4, 2014

Power Up

Hi! and Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you entered the new year with a lot of happyness and wisdom!

Today I'm going to introduce the Powerfit dress by Scarlett & Jo.

One of my favorite things about this dress has to be the mesh lining underneath this really complementing curve hugging dress. It hugs your curves in such a comforting and warm way, that you feel like you really don't need much of anything else in life, besides, red lipstick and black heels, and probably some other stuff to survive, but you know what I'm going for here. The mesh lining works its magic by being very flattering on almost any shape, and the nice vintage look with the modern print is quite to my liking. As you can see I had a lot of fun during this photoshoot,  It was all thanks to the dress. I think this dress is a great start into the new year because the feeling of confidence it gives you while you wear it stays long after you've taken the dress off, I realized, sure, the dress is gorgeous, but it's my  curves that actually make out the dress, which is what makes it look so good. Wearing this dress helped me appreciate my curves a little more, and I think it actually might do the same for a lot of women, which is why I think that every woman should have a dress like this in her closet. 

I want to thank Scarlett & Jo for sending me this dress! I had a lot of fun reviewing it and will be wearing it as often as possible.




Jessica Smith said...

I really lije your outfit :-) love the way you talk about xour curves and i agree that every woman should feel tis way about her curves :-) love the post :-)

MateaTPol said...


AmiiScarlet said...

This dress is to die for - you look AMAZING! You just ooze confidence!
(Also that bat necklace is adorable!)

Cassy G said...

Oh my goodness, you look gorgeous! So mysterious and classy and I just love everything about these pictures. And I'm totally jealous over that cape, too.

Aurè said...

Hello Anita...Happy New Year!...great post...what a photos!...what a Style!...this amazing outift really make shining Your Feminine Power...what a Charisma You own...cheers!
ciao from Italy

Borjana said...


Honeysuckelle said...

Hottie McHot! Seriously, you are slaying us in every post. I love your shoes/hair/dress!


Anonymous said...

W.O.W.! Du siehst umwerfend aus! Hammer Kleid, hammer Kurven, Hammer Cape!