Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ode to my Readers.

Today I am sharing a special post with you.

About two years ago, I was working at an incredibly unmotivating job at a furniture store in the textile department. The thing is, I really liked giving people advice and helping them find what they're looking for, I even had customers come back asking for me, wanting further assistance from me, bless their hearts, but the job was still very monotonous. However, as a student you take what you get, and I was happy with what I had. One day, while being extremely sick of putting up with weird people and having conversations about plastic tablecloths,  this woman came up to me and asked me for some assistance, after which she asked if I happen to have a blog. To which I was stunned! She said she recognized me from the blog and said that she liked reading it for inspiration.

She absolutely made my day that day and I was sooo happy that people actually look at my blog, that I told my co-workers about it, who reacted in their usual manner  when I talked about something that wasn't work related "that's great, have you refolded the towels in the front section yet?" Very anti climatic, but it totally didn't even bother me this time! I happily refolded the towels and was happy for like, well totally still am happy about it today! It didn't fade.

She has been a reader of the blog ever since and after seeing the gorgeous Powerfit dress from Scarlett & Jo on my last post, she had to have it, as did we all after seeing that dress for the first time! She sent me a picture of herself wearing it and I couldn't be happier to feature her on this blog post! Afterall, it is a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress!

Stefania wearing: Powerfit dress by Scarlett & Jo

I want to say Thank you to Stefania for sharing these photos with me and for sticking with my blog and thank you to all of my readers who have stuck by my blog, even during low tide times, when life behind the scenes of blogging and fashion got the best of me! I appreciate every click on the blog and every comment you leave, you are what keeps me going! so Thank you!

If you would like to be featured on my blog, just send me a message, I would be happy to feature you!

Over and out,



Jessica Smith said...

Very nice Article Anita, love your blog...and thanks to Stefania for sharing her dress it looks stunning :-)

Cassy G said...

How fun! So far no one has recognized me from my blog, but I also don't have many readers so I am not surprised. If it ever happens, though, I will be so so excited.